AbdoExam is an Interactive Grahical and Textual Abdominal Examination Record System developed as a protoype to research ways to assist the physician during their examination. This system will allow physicians to organize and process information better, t hus facilitating better patient care and clinical research. The main functions of AbdoExam are the interactive textual and graphical input of abdominal physical findings with multi-attribute graphical display of the findings. This allows for the replacement of dictation machines and hand written reports. Through the interactive windowing environment, the exam can be visualized as it progresses, allowing the physician immediate feedback and evaluation of the intended exam report. The design and implementation used object-oriented and hypertext techniques. This project lead to further development and a more complete medical examination tool called MEDIGATE.

I was involved with the architecture, design, and implementation of this project and I was also the project manager for this research sponsored by Lifespan Research Institute and University Park Pathology Associates.

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