This video game for junior-high or high-school health education classes was mentioned by the Wall Street Journal on June 21, 1989. It is a real-time non-prescriptive health education video game which demonstrates (but does not preach) the effects of health behavior choices on undesirable outcomes such as mortality, disfigurement, or even the loss of a driver's license.

Scores are based on actuarial risk models for 5-year outcomes. The scoring system for the game is a reverse-psychology one: in order to encourage repetitive play, high risk equals high scores, yet the probability of surviving the game alive and intact is based on the same actuarial/epidemiological data. This is a non-traditional approach to health risk appraisal for school health education.

I was involved with the architecture, design, and implementation of this project and I was also the project manager for this research sponsored by Lifespan Research Institute and University Park Pathology Associates. This was sponsored by a Small Business Inovative Research (SBIR) given out by the National Institure of Health (NIH).

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