DuPont Model Framework


A DuPont Model has formulas and database queries associated with each graphical box on the screen. Normally this would require a lot of back end coding. The developer would first use the VisualWorks Interface Builder to draw the text fields and buttons and then add the associated behaviors such as queries, formulas, and constraints. If this only needed to be done once then this would probably be the best way to develop the software. However, every business unit might need a DuPont model with different boxes, constraints, formulas, and database queries. Moreover, the data structure and layout will be different for each business unit.

To make the DuPont Model easy to build for individual business units, we extended the Visual Builder framework by creating the DuPont box as an interface widget. The DuPont box has all of the fields and the associated button, so the developer can quickly draw the DuPont boxes on the screen and associate a name and query or formula with them.

There is more detailed information on building a DuPont Model and on the Aurora DuPont Model, an example of the DuPont Model in use.

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