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This class reads the formulas related to all the windows from a boss file.  The replacement
of formulas is done at the high level of windows.  So given a window name, it can replace
the formulas related to it with another set of formulas.  SQLFormulaCreator does the
replacements in the lower level of per formula.  It then calls this class for the
replacement at the higher level and then actually writing to the boss file. It is created
by a SQLFormulaWrapper.

Instance Variables:
fileName <String> The name of the boss file.
dict <Dictionary> The dictionary that holds the formulas. Its keys are the names of the windows, and its values are a set of dictionaries. Each of those dictionaries holds the keys of the names of the formula names and the values of the formula text. Developed By: Jee Ku (jku@cat.ncsa.uiuc.edu)