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This class is used for generating the SQL formula string.  It also displays the current
formulas that were made as well as the tables and their fields which can be used for
creating the formulas.  This object is created by an instance of SQLFormulaWrapper.  Also
the name of the window whose formula are to be seen is also passed.

This window has one window for displaying the names of the formulas, another window for
displaying the text of the formula, another window for displaying the list of tables, and
another for displaying the fields related to the selected table.

The formula window can be edited.  Once the formula has been edited, it is possible to
create a new formula, requiring that a new name be given, or to replace the current
formula.  It is also possible to delete the formula.

Any time a table is selected, its fields are displayed.  When a field is selected, the
string corresponding to the field is written to the formula text.

When this object is created, a boss file is read which stores all the formulas.  Every
time any change takes place, the boss files is written.  This action, however, takes place
in its wrapper level.

Instance Variables:
errorText <Text> The text for the formula.
tables <SelectionInList> The list of tables.
fields <SelectionInList> The list of fields related to the tables window.
errorName <String> The name of the formula name.
errorList <SelectionInList> The list of formulas.
queries <List of QueryObject> The list of queries that are used to get the tables.
wrapper <SQLFormulaWrapper> The wrapper that holds this object.
windowName <String> The name of the window whose formulas should be displayed. Developed By: Joseph W. Yoder (yoder@cs.uiuc.edu) and Jee Ku (jku@cat.ncsa.uiuc.edu)

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