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2014 Travel Log

Portugal May 31st - June 14th, 2014

Agile PT happens this time of year and I always make an effort to attend. This year I'm also giving a talk to a small group prior to the conference. I'll be hanging with Ademar and other friends I've made through the years. I'm going to the conference, but I'll also be traveling around a bit and should have photos online sometime in the near future. 

Denmark May 21st - May 28th, 2014

For the first time, I'll be attending a ScrumPLoP conference. I'm excited to visit with old and new friends in Denmark. This is the fifth ScrumPLoP and I'm excited to count myself as one of the attendees. It should be a good trip.  

Tokyo, Japan February 27th - March 9th, 2014

The trip is primarily for the 2014 AsianPLoP, but I'll also be visiting various sites and taking some time to tour Japan's greatest places. Some highlights from the trip include taking the bullet train, doing a workshop at AsianPLoP, and hanging with my colleague Rebecca Wirfs-Brock. 

2013 Travel Log

Porto and Lisbon, Portugal, December 3-16, 2013

In December, I was asked to work on an Adaptive Object Model project with my friend Ademar Aguiar. While there, Ademar and Jens Ostergaard invited me to sit in and participate in an Agile Scrum Master Course they were teaching. After that, I visited Lisbon to enjoy the company of friends, and to escape from the cold Illinois weather.

Allerton Park in Monticello, IL October 23-26, 2013

In October, PLoP 13, the 20th Pattern Language of Programs Conference will be returning to my neck of the woods. I am on the planning committee this year, filling the role of Director of Local Operations.

Krakow, Poland & Stockholm, Sweden October 12-19

After Brazil, I'll be headed back to Poland. I'll be revisiting Krakow, where I'll be attending the Java Developers Day (JDD) conference. While there, i will be presenting a talk and may host a workshop. Contact me if you'll be in Krakow and would like to get together for some Pierogi. After JDD, I'll be heading up to Stockholm, where I will be visiting with a friend and colleague, Pedro Capetillo, owner of the company that created Capability for Facilities Management

São Paulo, Brazil September 26 - October 6

I'm returning to Brazil at the end of September. There are a few stops on my itinerary this trip

To start with, on September 26-27, I'll be visiting the National Institute for Space Research (INPE)  in São José dos Campos. While at INPE, I will be giving a talk entitled "Adaptive Object-Model Architecture: How to Build Systems That Can Dynamically Adapt to Changing Requirements."

From São José dos Campos, I will be returning to São Paulo before embarking on my first trip to Brasília (Capital of Brazil), where I will attend MiniPLoP on the 28th. At MiniPLoP, I will be presenting the keynote address on the subject "Taming Big Balls of Mud with Diligence, Agile Practices, and Hard Work." I will also be presenting a writers workshop simulation with Eduardo Guerra.

After MiniPLoP, I will be attending CBSoft from 9/29-10/3. During the 7th Brazilian Workshop on Systematic and Automated Software Testing (SAST 2013) http://www.sjc.unifesp.br/sast2013/ at CBSoft, I will be giving a talk about Pragmatic Test Driven Development. At CBSoft, I will also be presenting a Tutorial with Eduardo Guerra entitled "Test Driven Development Step Patterns."  I will also be reprising my talk "Taming Big Balls of Mud with Diligence, Agile Practices, and Hard Work" at the Brazilian Symposium on Software Components, Architectures and Reuse (SBCARS) while at CBSoft. On the 3rd, I will head back to Sao Paulo, where I'll catch up with some friends and give a talk to some investors and start up companies about Agile Best Practices. I'll head back home the evening of the 6th.

If you'll be in Brazil during this time and would like to get together, please get ahold of me. 

Geneva, Switzerland September 16-21, 2013

This September, I will be returning to Switzerland.  This will be my first visit to Geneva, where I will be travelling to CERN to provide training in Refactoring and Test Driven Development. 

Nashville, Tennessee August 5-9, 2013

In August, I attended the Agile 2013 conference in Nashville Tennessee. While at the event, I presented a talk with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock entitled "Agile Quality Scenarios: How to Be Nimble and Precise." For more information, see my blog post about the trip.

Parque das Nações, Lisboa, Portugal June 21-22, 2013

I am looking forward to returning to Portugal for this year's Agile Portugal conference.  This year it will be co-located with the Scrum Alliance conference. I will be presenting a keynote address entitled "Taming Big Balls of Mud with Diligence, Agile Practices, and Hard Work" and will be holding the workshop, "Agile Quality Scenarios: How to Be Nimble and Precise." Get in touch if you will be at the event and would like to get together. 

Chicago, Illinois April 23-24, 2013

I enjoyed attending the GOTO conference in Chicago and reconnecting with some old friends such as Dave Thomas, fellow Hillsider Linda Rising, and others.  Getting to stay in the historic Drake Hotel wasn't too bad either! 

2012 Travel Log

Gdańsk, Poland December 11-15, 2012

In what seemed like no time, I returned to Poland, but this time I was visiting Gdańsk. A client of mine had asked me to teach a course on Advanced Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Patterns. 

Haifa, Israel November 8-15, 2012

I flew to Haifa, Israel, where I taught a Test-Driven Development (TDD) course for a client of mine. This was be my first trip to Israel, and I was excited about getting the opportunity to see some sites and try some of the local cuisine. I was also fortunate enough to be leaving the country as the aggression began on the Gaza Strip. 

Kraków, Poland October 24-28, 2012

I was excited to head back to Kraków for JDD 2012.  While at the Java developers conference, I presented a talk called "When Should You Consider Meta-Architectures? Using Meta to Scale the Cloud." I also spoke on the subject, "Pragmatic, Not Dogmatic TDD: Rethinking How We Test" with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.

Tucson, Arizona October 18-22, 2012

I travelled to Tucson Arizona to attend the 19th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs. While there, I will hosted a PLoP Bootcamp with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock. This year, I served on the Planning Committee and as Director of Local Operations for PLoP 2012, and also attended SPLASH while in Arizona.

São Paulo, Brazil October October 8-12, 2012

I returned to Sao Paolo to follow up with the client I consulted in September. 

Brazil Summer Tour September 12-27, 2012

During this trip, I headed first to Sao Paulo, where I did some consultation for a client.  On the 20th I flew up to Natal where I attended the SugarLoaf PLoP and CBSoft Conferences. While at SugarLoaf PLoP, I hosted a Bootcamp with Mary Lynn Manns and Rosana Braga, and gave a talk with Eduardo Guerra entitled "An Evolutionary Vision of Framework Development."  At CBSoft, I gave the keynote address "Not Dogmatic TDD: Rethinking How We Test" and while there, I also gave a tutorial on the subject "Project Retrospectives (Why, How, and When)" with Mary Lynn Manns.

Penang, Malaysia Aug 23 - Sept 3, 2012

I am excited to have made my first trip to Malaysia.  The purpose of my trip was to teach a course on Pragmatic Test Driven Development.  While there, I also visited with a friend and took the time to do a bit of site seeing.  

Dallas, Texas August 13-17, 2012

I attended Agile2012 in Dallas, Texas this August.  While there, I gave a talk with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock about test driven development called  "Pragmatic, Not Dogmatic TDD: Rethinking how we test."  We also hosted a workshop entitled,"Testing System Qualities."

Panama City, Panama July 23-27, 2012

I attended the First International Symposium on Software Architecture and Patterns sponsored by 10th Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology. I was on the Planning Committee for the convention this year, and while there, I led a BootCamp to teach how to build patterns. I also gave a keynote address entitled "When Should You Consider Meta-Architectures? Using Meta to Scale the Cloud" while at the conference. 

Porto, Portugal June 18-26, 2012

I returned to Porto, Portugal in June to attend this years Agile PT conference. I served on the Organizational Committee for this year's conference.

Las Vegas, New Mexico April 14-17, 2012

I attended Chili PLoP in New Mexico this April. I served as Conference Chair for the Organizational Committee this year, and I lead a workshop with Richard Gabriel on Cloud Computing Patterns.

Portland, Oregon January 25-27, 2012

I was in the Portland metro area of Oregon with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock hosting a course in Pragmatic Test Driven Development. The purpose of the course was to provide hands-on experience and to build skills in effectively writing tests in an agile development environment.

2011 Travel Log

San Francisco, California December 15-18, 2011

I was in San Francisco visiting and consulting with my friend, computer scientist and author, Richard Gabriel. We collaborated on an Onward! Essay -- The Artist in the Computer Scientist.

Dallas, Texas November 24, 2011

I was in Arlington, Texas at Cowboys Stadium on Thanksgiving watching as the Dallas Cowboys hosted the Miami Dolphins. I enjoyed watching the Cowboys improve their Thanksgiving record to 28-14-1 this year. Go Cowboys!

Krakow, Poland November 18-23, 2011

I travelled to Krakow, Poland to attend JDD 2011, a Java developer conference. While there, I gave a keynote address on "Big Ball of Mud: Is This The Best That Agile Can Do?" and gave a workshop on "Rulemakers and Toolmakers: Adaptive Object-Models as an Agile Division of Labor."

Portland, Oregon October 20-28, 2011

I travelled to Portland to attend PLoP 2011 and SPLASH. I presented a paper at PLoP and participated in a panel at SPLASH. Additionally we had our annual Hillside meeting.


Tokyo, Japan October 5-7, 2011

The AsianPLoP Conference was postponed last March when the Earthquake and Tsunamai hit the region. The tragedy struck on the day I was to travel. This time the conditions were much better. The conference was a patterns workshop style, much like the other PLoPs.

Sao Paulo, Brazil September 24-October 1, 2011

I travelled to Brazil for SugarLoaf MiniPLoP and CBSoft. I gave two tutorials and a panel at CBSoft. I did a talk and tutorial at SugarLoaf.

San Diego, California August 31-September 4, 2011

I travelled to San Diego to visit with friends and attend a convention.

South Korea July 6-15, 2011

I visited South Korea for a multi day Test Driven Design (TDD) training with a private organization. While there I gave a talk at the KSAS conference on using "Meta to Scale the Cloud." I also met with the Seoul Agile Users Group to talk about Test Driven Development, Refactoring, Patterns and Adaptive Object Models.

Porto, Portugal June 17 - 28, 2011

I headed back to Portugal after only a few weeks absence. This time I went to the Agile PT conference where I presented a tutorial and undertook other professional related activities. One of those activities included attending the first MetaPLoP conference.

San Francisco, California May 16-20, 2011

I travelled to sunny California in May for the Saturn conference. I gave a Plenary talk and presented a tutorial at the conference.

Portugal May 25-June1, 2011

I spent some time in Portugal at the end of May. I went there primarily to defend a good friend's Adaptive Object Model PhD. Aside from that, I took photographs and had a good time.

Porto de Galinhas/Fortaleeza/Sao Paulo, Brazil March 21st - April 1st, 2011

I attended the AOSD conference this March. The conference was held in Porto de Galinhas, Brazil. I've been there before for the SugarLoaf PLoP conference. I presented two tutorials at the conference. I also travelled to Fortaleza and Sao Paulo with Richard Garbiel where we organized some workshops and presented some talks. I presented a Better Science through Art tutorial in Sao Paulo with Richard Gabriel. In Fortaleeza Richard Gabriel and I presented a tutorial entitled "Patterns to the Nature of Order." The rest of the trip was spent enjoying the beautiful country.

2010 Travel Log

San Francisco, California November 1st-5th, 2010

I will be giving the "Big Ball of Mud: Is This the Best that Agile can Do?" presentation at QCon San Fransisco 2010. I have done this presentation before, but will be adding new elements and refining the ever popular big ball of mud theme. The presentation will be on November 3rd at a bit after noon. I'll be staying for the conference and possibly visiting other California cities during my time there.

Reno, Nevada October 17th-21st, 2010

I'm doing a tutorial at the SPLASH (formerly OOPSLA) conference this year. The tutorial is titled: Rulemakers and Toolmakers: Adaptive Object Models as as Agile Division of Labor.

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, September 27th-October 1st, 2010

I will be returning to Brazil this year for the CBSoft 2010 and SugarLoaf PLoP conferences. I'm helping organize the SugarLoaf PLoP. At CBSoft I will be delivering a Keynote address entitled: Ultimate Agility: Let Your Users Do Your Work! with the assistance of Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.

Portugal, June 25-June 26th, 2010

I am a conference organizer for the Agile Portugal 2010 conference held near the end of June. I will also be giving a keynote speech at the conference on Big Ball of Mud: Is This the Best that Agile can Do? I will be in Portugal a bit before and after the conference. Check back for pictures.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 17-19th, 2010

Brian Foote and I will be giving a Big Ball of Mud talk at Object Technology User Group (OTUG). The talk will be on May 18th.

San Jose, CA & Carefree, AZ, March 24-April 7th, 2010

I spent some time with clients at IMFS at the outset of the trip, then traveled with Richard Gabriel to ParaPLoP held in Carefree, AZ. We drove through many different parts of AZ and I have a bundle of pictures to put online soon.

Tokyo, Japan, March 13-20th, 2010

I will be traveling back to Tokyo during the Ides of March. I'll be attending the first Asian PLoP conference. I'm on the Program Committee and will also be presenting a tutorial.


2009 Travel Log

San Francisco, CA, November 16 - 20, 2009

I'll be attending the QCON conference. I'll be hosting a track entitled "Architecture for the Architect." I'm excited to be in the bay area again, for a fantastic conference.

Orlando, FL, October 25 - 29, 2009

I'm a regular attendee of the annual OOPSLA conference. This year's conference will be held in sunny Orlando, FL. It's at Disney's Contemporary Resort. If you're going to OOPSLA we'll likely see one another there. I'll be doing a panel and presenting a tutorial.

Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 7 - 12, 2009

I will be traveling to Brazil to give a tutorial and invited keynote speech at the Encontro Ágil 2009 conference held at the University of São Paulo, in São Paulo, Brazil October 10 and 11th, 2009.

Chicago, IL, August 28 - 30, 2009

The PLoP Conference will be held in conjunction with the AGILE conference. The conference was previously collocated wtih the OOPSLA conference in 2007. This introduced the conference to many new participants, and was viewed as a success. We're trying the same thing again this year. It portends to be just as much of a success this time around.

Chicago, IL, August 24 - 28, 2009

The AGILE Conference will be held in my backyard this year, so I'll be attending. PLoP will also be held in conjunction with AGILE -- of course, another reason for my attendance. Take a look at the keynote speakers. It should be a decent week.

Barcelona, Spain, August 20 -23, 2009

I'll be visiting this terrific European city with some friends. I will probably be staying for an entire week, but I'm not too sure of the dates just yet. I'll post more once I know for sure.

Sweden, August 15 -19, 2009

I've been to Sweden a few times. This time around I'll be visiting with a friend who lives there and seeing some of the sites that I've missed on previous visits.

Carefree, Arizona April 3rd - April 12, 2009

I'm actually going to San Jose, CA to visit a friend and drive to Carefree, Arizona. While in Carefree, I'll attend the ChiliPLoP Conference. On the drive back to San Jose, I will have my camera at the ready, snapping shots of desert, pastel colored scenery, and terrific vistas.


2008 Travel Log

San Francisco, CA - November 17th - 21st, 2008

I am attending the QCon conference in San Francisco. QCon is a software development conference in its second year. I'm doing a presentation on "Software Patterns and Quality: Can Patterns Help Quality?" I'm also presenting a track at the conference.

Nashville, TN - October 19th - 23rd, 2008

I attended the OOPSLA conference at the Nashville Conference Center. PLoP 2008 was colocated with OOPSLA again this year. I'm part of the Programming Committee for PLoP. I'm also serving on the Panels Committee for OOPSLA. The week in Nashville should be busy, but rewarding. I'm looking forward to the panels and patterns workshops. I'll be posting pictures of my trip when I return, so be sure to check back for those.

Chicago, IL - July 21st - 24th, 2008

I'm attending the Dr. Dobbs Architecture & Design World 2008 this July. It'll be my first time attending the conference. Since it's in my home state, it won't take much to make the trip work with my schedule. I'll be speaking at the conference on "The Adaptive Object-Model Architecture: Giving Users Control over Their Business". If this topic interests you, then come out to the conference to hear me speak.

Zurich, Switzerland - June 28th - July 3rd, 2008

I co-organized a Web 2.0 conference in Zurich, Switzerland -- TOOLS-Europe 2008. The Web 2.0 Pattern Mining Workshop went quite well. I didn't have much time to site see, but it was a fun trip regardless.

Portugal - June 20th - June 27th, 2008

It's been a year since I first visited Portugal. I'm excited to be returning to give a talk and visit some friends. It should be a good time all around.

Nashville, TN - May 3rd - May 4th, 2008

I'll be flying down to the country music capital after I return from California. The OOPSLA committee is meeting down there for the upcoming conference in October. PLoP will be held in conjunction with OOPSLA again this year.

Los Angeles, CA - April 27th - May 2nd, 2008

I'll be traveling to sunny California, yet again. This time I'll be attending a conference, which will consume most of my time out there. I have to fly back and immediately travel to Nashville, TN afterwards.

New York, NY - April 8th - April 11th, 2008

This is another trip for a new Refactory client. I'll be teaching a four day course on design patterns. I doubt I'll have much time to do much other than work, but I will be in the heart of the city. I'll be in the offices at Penn Station, very close to Madison Square Garden.

San Diego, California - February 28th - March 1st, 2008

I'll be traveling to sunny California for a few days at the end of February. Not a bad time to get away from the freezing temperatures around here. The trip will introduce the training services of The Refactory to a new client.

Panama City, Florida - February 6th - February 8th, 2008

The trip to Panama city was wrought with delays, detours, and bad weather. I made it for my business, and on the way back home had the luxury of a few hours in the sixty degree weather. The work went well, and the reprieve from the Illinois winter sure helped a lot.


2007 Travel Log

Tokyo, Japan - November 28th - December 6th, 2007

I'm back from Tokyo, Japan. The trip was a good time, and the talk at SPAQu went quite well. I'm not sure where my next trip will take me, but be sure to look back here for updated information. The NII invited me to do a talk on Refactoring and Adaptive Object Models.
See Pictures from Trip

Panama City, Florida - October 4th - October 6th, 2007

I went to Panama City to help the Navy with a Refactoring project. I didn't have time to site-see as this was strictly business related.
No Pictures from this trip

Montreal, Canada - October 19th - October 26th, 2007

This year's OOPSLA conference was held in beautiful Montreal. I was the Panel Chair for the conference, so I had the opportunity to sit in on some interesting panels, including the No Silver Bullet Revisited.
See Pictures from Trip

Aarhus, Denmark - September 23rd - September 28th, 2007

I visited Denmark in September for the JAOO conference. I gave a talk in the modeling track on Adaptive Object Models.
See Pictures from Trip

Monticello, IL - September 5th - September 8th, 2007

It definitely wasn't that much of a trip for me. I live just outside of Monticello, so I enjoyed the one conference close to my home. I was the conference chair for this PLoP. I've been attending PLoP since its inception in the 90s. It's always a great time. Next year it will be held in Nashville, TN alongside OOPSLA.
See Pictures from Trip

New York, NY - July 25th - July 27th, 2007

The big apple. Ralph Johnson and I traveled to New York to give a tutorial through The Refactory. This company we taught Design Patters to was a large advertising firm.
No Pictures from this trip

Brazil - May 23rd - June 4th, 2007

If you know me, then you know I love to travel to SugarLoaf PLoP. This PLoP held in South America has endeared itself to me. I served on the Program Committee for this SugarLoaf PLoP. I love sharing my experiences with the people there, then traveling the beautiful country. It serves as both business and pleasure for me. Have you seen what happened when I went down there on a previous trip?
See Pictures from Trip

Montreal, CA - May 4th - May 6th, 2007

In 2007 I was the Panel Chair for OOPSLA. This required me to take a short jaunt up to Montreal for a weekend meeting.
No Pictures from this trip

Portugal - April 19th - April 27th, 2007

When I traveled to Portugal, I was able to mesh both business and pleasure. I was invited to give a talk on AOMs at the Adaptive Object Model ENEI 2007 conference by Ademar. We took several excursions into the country, which included a visit to the Ancient Refectory.
See Pictures from Trip


2006 Travel Log

OOPSLA 06 Portland, Oregon October 2006
I served as Programming Committee Member for the ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
PLoP 06 Portland, Oregon October 2006
I acted as Co-Program Chair and Program Committee Member for the Pattern Languages of Programs convention this year.
Media Ocean New York, NY December, 2006
OO Programming and Design
I was invited to Media Ocean, located in New York City, to present a course on object oriented programming and design.
Caterpillar, Inc., Peoria, IL June, 2006
Design Patterns the C# Java Edition
I was invited back to Caterpillar to repeat my course on Design Patterns in C# and Java.

New York, New Jersey, Texas, Iowa, California, Chicago, Georgia, Wisconsin:
Various Trips throughout 2006

I travelled to California, Texas, Georgia, etc. throughout 2006 to consult with clients and to develop and deploy software solutions.

OOPSLA 07 Planning Meeting Montreal Canada, December 8 - 10 2006

My position as OOPSLA Panel Chair for 2007 necessitated a weekend trip to Vancouver in December 2006 for a planning committee meeting.

OOPSLA 06 Portland, Oregon October 2006

I served as Programming Committee Member for the ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications

PLoP 06 Portland, Oregon October 2006

I acted as Co-Program Chair and Program Committee Member for the Pattern Languages of Programs convention this year.

Media Ocean New York, NY December, 2006

OO Programming and Design
I was invited to Media Ocean, located in New York City, to present a course on object oriented programming and design.

Caterpillar, Inc., Peoria, IL June, 2006

Design Patterns the C# Java Edition
I was invited back to Caterpillar to repeat my course on Design Patterns in C# and Java.


2005 Travel Log

California, Texas, Chicago: Various Trips throughout 2005

I travelled to California, Texas and Chicago periodically throughout 2005 to consult with clients, and develop and deploy software solutions.

University of São Paulo: São Paulo, Brazil August 27th – 30th, 2005

I visited the Department of Computer Science at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of São Paulo and presented a talk about Architecture and Design of Adaptive Object-Models.

SugarloafPLoP 05 Campos do Jordão, Brazil August 16 - 19 2005

I filled the role of Programming Committee Member & Writing Workshop Group Organizer for this year's SugarloafPLoP, which occurred in Sao Paulo Brazil. While there I also presented a tutorial on User Interface Design Principles: Patterns for Human Computer Interaction.

PCAP Stockholm, Sweden July 28 - August 2 2005

I visited PCAP, a friend's company in Stockholm, where I did some work for him on his facilities management software.

ECOOP Glasgow, Scotland July 24 - 28 2005

I attended ECOOP and gave a tutorial on Adaptive Object-Model Architecture: How to Build Systems That Can Dynamically Adapt to Changing Requirements


2004 Travel Log


Milpitas, California Various Trips throughout 2004

I travelled to California periodically throughout 2004 to consult with clients, and develop and deploy software solutions.

OOPSLA Vancouver, Canada October 23-30 2004

I was in Vancouver to attend OOPSLA 2004 and present tutorials on Adaptive Object-Model Architecture: Dynamically Adapting to Changing Requirements and Architectural Patterns for Enabling
Application Security

PLoP 04 Allerton Park, Monticello, IL September 2004

I was the Conference Coordinator for the 11th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs, which was located near my own home town this year.

Sao Paulo, Brazil August, 2004

I taught courses in Sao Paulo, Brazil, covering the following topics:
Patterns for Making Business Objects Persistent in a Relational Database
A Framework for Financial Modeling
Design Patterns - Java/C# Edition

Forteleeza, Brazil August, 2004

Architecture and Design of Adaptive Object-Models; Refactoring Principles
I taught courses in Forteleeza, Brazil, which covered the architecture and design of adaptive object-models and the principles of refactoring.

SugarloafPLoP Porto das Dunas, Ceara, Brazil August 10-13, 2004

Tuturial: Refactoring
I attended the SugarloafPLoP 2004 conference in Brazil, where I was a Programming Committee Member and presented a tutorial on Refactoring.

ECOOP, Oslo, Norway June 14-18, 2004

AOM Architecture - Tutorial and Workshop - Architectural Patterns for Enabling Application Security
I attended the ECOOP '05 conference in June. While there, I hosted a tutorial on adaptive object model architecture, and held a workshop on application security through architectural patterns.

Caterpillar, Inc., Peoria, IL May, 2004

Design Patterns the C#/Java Edition
I taught a course at Caterpillar covering designe patterns, which was adapted for application in C# and Java.




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