Over the years, I have worked with numerous companies on a wide variety of technologies. Some of my former colleagues have honored me by writing testimonials regarding their experiences with me.

Caterpillar Reference Letter

Besides Joe's technical skills, I believe his interpersonal skills are equally good. Joe's professionalism, attention to detail and quality of work product are excellent. Especially important is Joe's ability to convey technical information in an understandable manner. The ability to effectively transfer technical knowledge is a highly prized skill for a consultant and I believe Joe does very well at this. Joe is equal parts technician and mentor, and that is a highly potent combination.

Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services Letter

Joe has acted as the technical lead for his team and has made significant technical contributions himself, both on the architectural side and on the more complex applications his team has worked on. Additionally, Joe worked closely with our team on integration of business frameworks into our environment along with appropriate training and technology transfer.


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