Joseph W. Yoder Enterprises provides consultants to either develop the software or mentor analysis and developers.  We provide training and assistance for the complete software development cycle.  We put top-notch teams in place at reasonable prices by taking advantage of our relationship with the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign (UIUC).  The consultants provided by Joseph W. Yoder Enterprises are derived from Professor Ralph Johnson's “Software Architecture Group” at UIUC, which is the best academic group in Smalltalk and Java, in Reusable Object-Oriented Design, in Frameworks,  in Reuse, in Web-Based Applications, in Refactoring, and in Patterns.  We also have extensive experience with developing e-commerce applications, as we have been involved with the web since its inception.  Since all these candidates are products of this environment, they all know the same methodologies, which is consistent with highest industry standards to date.  All of our consultants have extensive industry experience and they like to apply their knowledge in practical ways.


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Are you looking for design patterns training or mentoring? Joseph provides training courses for a variety of languages.

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