The Blood Bank Analysis System is a computer-based decision support tool for blood banks and the blood banking industry to assist in estimation of the medical, economic, legal and policy consequences of current vs. alternative screening test sequences for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and for hepatitis markers in donated blood.

The library module consists of three categories of data: operating characteristics of tests (which are supplied with up-to-date parameters at time of software shipment), common screening sequence flowcharts (also supplied), and local donor population and test cost data. This last is void of data until the user inputs site-specific data. The library allows editing and addition of specifications -- an important consideration as new tests are certified, and operating environments change. The library can also be used to launch either the spreadsheet module or the flowchart module in order to view and/or edit any existing datafile.

The system used object-oriented design and implementation. It was deployed on Microsofts Windows environment using C++ as the programming language and interfacing with the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC).

I was involved with the architecture, design, and implementation of this project and I was also the project manager for this research by New England Research Institute. This was sponsored by a Small Business Inovative Research (SBIR) given out by the National Institure of Health (NIH).

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