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Joseph W. Yoder has worked on the architecture, design, and implementation of various software projects dating back to 1985. These projects have incorporated many technologies including stand-alone, client-server, and multi-tiered applications, databases, object-oriented, frameworks, human-computer interaction, collaborative environments, web-based, and domain-specific visual-languages.

In addition these projects have spanned many domains, including Medical Information Systems, Manufacturing Systems, Medical Examination Systems, Statistical Analysis, Scenario Planning, Client-Server Relational Database System for keeping track of shared specifications in a multi-user environment, Telecommunications Billing System, Financial Modeling, and Business & Medical Decision Making. Recently his focus has been on how to build dynamic and adaptable systems. This has led to work on Adaptive Object-Models which are systems that have an architecture that allows for systems to adapt to changing requirements without programming.

Joseph W. Yoder has assisted many companies with the development of software applications, specifically object-oriented and web-based systems. Joe has mentored object-oriented developers and provided internal training on using patterns to assist with object-oriented development. Recently he has been teaching C#, Java, Smalltalk, Patterns, Refactoring, Frameworks, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and has mentored analysts and developers on many of their applications. Joe received the Excellent Teaching Award every year at The University of Illinois, from 1990 to 1994, which included the development of new courses. He was also involved in the management and development of a reusable Enterprise Class Libraries.

Joe is the author of over two-dozen published patterns and has been working with patterns for a long time, writing his first pattern paper in 1995, and was the conference chair for the PLoP'97, conference on software patterns and was the programming chair of The Second Latin American Conference on Pattern Languages of Programming in 2002. Joe was also the PLoP 2006 Programming co-chair and is the upcoming PLoP 2007 Programming chair. Joe has also been on both the OOPSLA and PLoP Programming Committees various times and has assisted at every PLoP since its 1994 inception as a volunteer/organizer. This year Joe is the OOPSLA 2007 Panels Chair.

Joseph’s primary focus has been on how to build dynamic and adaptable systems. He has been providing analysis, design, and mentoring, along with writing papers to reflect these experiences. Joe has presented numerous tutorials and sponsored many workshops at OOPSLA (and related conferences) on adaptable and dynamic systems.

More recently, Joe has been teaching Agile Methods such as XP, Design Patterns, Object Design, Refactoring, and Testing in industrial settings and mentoring people on these concepts. This recent work has also included working strongly in both the Java and .NET environment, deploying Domain-Specific Languages for clients.

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