Caterpillar University Relations Project Proposal

Project Name: Caterpillar University Relations
Time Frame: Finish by October 15, 1997


Caterpillar University Relations is a web-application that provides a web interface to all information pertaining to Caterpillar university relations. It will provide Caterpillar employees information about the areas of research available at university partners and the relationship between Caterpillar and its partners. The application will present information through dynamically generated web pages that can be viewed on the web through a web browser. Other features will include access to live data queried from a database. It will also be fully configurable from the web. Thus, rather than just providing static web-pages, this will be an interactive web-application that can change as the information available to it changes.

Possible Implementation Methods for Database Queries

The win32::ODBC module and the Dynamic HTX/IDC both work fine. There currently is a problem with the Dynamic ASP though we are not quite sure of what this problem is. ASP is a new technology that appears to have some problems or at least it doesn't work out of the box and we haven't figured it out, yet.


The following is a beginning list of the software needed to run the web applictaion. This partly depends on the implementation chosen for the database. It appears that Caterpillar will be interested in running on an NT platform and using MS Access as the database. Given the CAT desired platform and OS mentioned above, the software needed to run the web-application is: It is also possible to implement this for the UNIX environment. We would like to make it as generic as possible and are designing it so that it is platform independent wherever possible.


We plan on delivering a complete working implementation of the above mentioned web-applictaion along with installation scripts and documention. We will also assist with installation, technology transfer, and training on how to use it.


We believe that it will take approximately 1 part-time undergraduate research programmer for part of the fall semesters along with overhead for support and supervision from 1 graduate researcher.

To truly test this in an environment similar to Caterpillar's, it would be nice to upgrade the memory on fusion to 128MB. Doing this would in turn give right more memory since we would have to take out 16MB simms from fusion. Estimated cost: $700

We are also limited, right now, by only 2GB of hard drive space. For a server that is serving files for many people, it is small. Estimated cost: $300


J. Lewis Muir

Joseph W. Yoder

Bob Fenwick