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The following represent some of the web projects that I have or am involved with. I have primarily been involved with the project management, architecture, and design of these projects though I have been involved with some of the implementation of them.

  • Caterpillar University Relations (CUR) - CUR is a web-application that provides a web interface to all information pertaining to Caterpillar university relations. It provides Caterpillar employees information about the areas of research available at university partners and the relationship between Caterpillar and its partners. CUR provides Caterpillar employees with the most up to date information by providing access to live data queried from a Microsoft access database. A detailed description of the design can be found here.

  • Task Management - Task Management automates task scheduling and assignment, thus making it so that projects can become more organized. It is a tool that has allows for the task to be dynamically created and organized, prioritized, and followed up upon. There is an administrative module that includes basic security.

  • Tutorial Builder - Tutorial Builder is a generic web-application builder that provides for a web-based graphical means for making a web-based tutorial without writing any HTML pages or CGI code. It is a tool that has allows for the end-users to create a hierarchical listing of web-pages that can be a tutorial, product information, or just about anything. There is an administrative module that includes basic security.

  • Java Image Scroller - Java Image Scroller is a JAVA program that allows for images to be scrolled on the screen and have a URL associated with them. The images and URL's are read from a file thus making it so that the desired behavior can be customized to suite the end-user of the application.

  • Database Management Tool - The Database Management Tool serves as a bridge between a legacy flat files database and an Oracle database. The DBMT can be used to move any flat files database into an Oracle database. Only existing flat files are currently served by the DBMT, but future releases will allow for a flat files database to be created as well. The DBMT provides a simple, graphical interface which allows people who have no experience with SQL, Oracle, or UNIX to perform database tasks such as loading and deleting data

  • Java Graph - This dynamic tool allows the user to plot a set of data points on a two-dimensional Cartesian Coordinate System. The four different types of plot fitting offered are: Linear, Quadratic, Polynomial of exact degree 3 (P3), Power Law which are added functions which have proved this instrument to be invaluable.

Here is a link to some other web based applications that I was involved with but I make no promises on broken links as it was brought over after my research at NCSA finished in 1997. A long time in web years :-)! Some of these projects I was directly involved with, others I oversaw as project manager.

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