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This is the beginnings of some pages describing some of the work that I have done with mapping objects to either persistent storages or using languages to describe objects. The later involves having a way to store your rules in some data storage and dynamically build your objects as you need them. I have designed a few applications that use either MetaData to describe the business rules and/or views and involve making your objects persistence in a non-OO world. I presented this material at Smalltalk Solutions '98 and also at OOPSLA '98. More will be added as I get time.


Object Mappings Description

    Systems are often developed where mappings to a non-object environment is required. Quote often, relational calculus and the maturity of a relational database is exactly what one needs. Other times it might be the corporate policy to use a certain persistence storage for backwards compatibility etc. Making your object persistent in a non-OO world can cause a lot of grief if you haven't done this before. The primary problems that one has to deal with is an impedance mismatch. Objects have hierarchies, types, compositions, polymorphism. Objects put together code and data to form good logical pieces. Non object storage technologies are more data centric. They provide things such as rows, tables, relational calculus, permanent storage, and routines to quickly access and manipulate the data. There are some common patterns for dealing with this mismatch and these pages focus on how to deal with such issues.

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