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I have been working with medical systems off and on for over ten years. This has led me to architect and develop some medical systems and has included some related writings. This page is to outline a few cool links along with some pointers to the related systems and papers that I have written.

Cool Med Links

Joe's Medical Papers

Joe's Medical Papers

  • AbdoExam - An Interactive Graphical and Textual Abdominal Examination Record System developed as a prototype to research ways to assist the physician during their examination. The design and implementation used object-oriented and hypertext techniques.
  • Medigate - The MEDIGATE System (Medical Examination Direct Iconic and Graphic Augmented Text Entry System) is a computer enhanced interactive graphic and textual record of the findings from physical examination designed to provide ease of user input and to support organization and processing of the data characterizing these findings. The design of this system employees an object-oriented approach through the direct manipulation of graphical objects integrated with hypertext and semantic networking technologies to build a system that is more natural to the user.
  • Medistat - MEDISTAT is designed to record and help interpret laboratory results, more specifically pathology results. The application incorporates graphical pattern matching along with some primitive diagnostic capabilities. Object-oriented design and implementation and hypertext techniques is used throughout to provide for easy ways to build the diagnostic application to the needs of individual users.
  • Ragged Edge Health Risk Appraisal - This video game for junior-high or high-school health education classes was mentioned by the Wall Street Journal on June 21, 1989. It is a real-time non-prescriptive health education video game which demonstrates (but does not preach) the effects of health behavior choices on undesirable outcomes such as mortality, disfigurement, or even the loss of a driver's license.
  • Aids Health Risk Appraisal - The AIDS/HIV Health Risk Appraisal is a confidential interactive risk communication computer program designed to answer: "What is the probability that I have ever been exposed to HIV, and do I need a blood test?" and "What is the probability that I have been exposed to HIV in the last year, and how do I reduce that probability in the next year?"
  • Blood Bank Analysis Tool - The Blood Bank Analysis System is a computer-based decision support tool for blood banks and the blood banking industry to assist in estimation of the medical, economic, legal and policy consequences of current vs. alternative screening test sequences for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and for hepatitis markers in donated blood. This system was designed and implementation using object-oriented techniques and languages and was deployed on Windows.
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